May 21, 2021

out of desperation

This morning I heard on NPR that a truce between Palestinians and the state of Israel is ensued. A correspondent was reporting from the streets of Gaza where people came out to celebrate the ceasefire. In the background, the sound of drums and singing could be heard. It seemed that everyone was happy that the cruel and oppressive apartheid state has finally agreed not to pour bombs on people's homes and kill children any longer.

What a sad world we live in that now people are taking to streets to celebrate their survival and to produce euphoria that they were not completely eliminated. Concerning about human rights and respect for humanity? Forget it, that is a joke for the Israeli government and its accomplice, the US.

Unwavering support for Israel and the statement that it has legitimate right to defend itself produce more violence and further apartheid and persecution. The question is, how long will this unequivocal support lasts? Only time will tell.


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