May 27, 2021

endless mode of injustice

The United States says Israel has the right to defend itself, meaning it can drop as much bombs as it can that disproportionately impact Gaza's civilian population. The US has now pledged $ 75 million to the Palestinians to rebuild Gaza. I read somewhere that the reconstruction of the destroyed areas in Gaza from a decade ago is still going on. 

During the brutal Israeli attacks that lasted 11 days, about 2,000 houses were completely destroyed and more than 15,000 others were damaged. It will take another decade to rebuild, but several thousand more homes may be demolished before they get reconstructed because US unconditional support for Israel's oppressive government's brutality is endlessly encouraging.

But there is a bitter irony in American benevolent aid to Palestinians. That is, we support Israel to do everything in its power to destroy you, but we also help you rebuild. That is, we share in both your destruction and reconstruction. Can you see the endless injustice?


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